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As the development of the construction technology and economic, steel structures are widely used in factories, warehouse, stadiums and other large buildings because of the advantages of simple structure, easy construction, large span, modern feeling, large interior space etc. However, although the steel plant has an impregnable fortress, it still cannot escape the fire hazard. Why, because the factors which cause a fire is complex. In recent years, many fire accidents happened, causing casualties and significant property damage, what is worse, many soldiers even sacrificed.

Thus, for a steel structure, the fire safety is a issues that cannot be ignored.

Here are some tips may help you.

First, identify the risk for fires in the fire prevention process.The risk of the fire is jointly determined by the process of production, the items what are stored and the technological process. Different types of plants need different fire safety requirement.

Secondly, we must conduct fire district level. In the circumstances that there are no special requirements for the technological process, the fire district must be divided to slow down the speed of the fire and provide more favorable conditions for the evacuation and fighting. We should focus on the parts with large fire load (such as the parts where piled a large amount of combustible materials).

Third, the materials of sandwich wall are very important.There are many kinds of sandwich panels in the market, but the fire endurance of some filler material is very low, so we should chose the sandwich panels according to the actual situation of our own steel building. The rock wool is a kind of flame retardant material.

Fourth, pay attention to the quality of fire-resistant coating. Different quality of fire-resistant coating has different price. The main steel structure design life is generally 50 years, but the use life of the fireproof coating is far less than 50 years. As a result, in the late of the steel warehouselife, the fire-resistant coating coated on the surface cannot play the role of fire prevention. So try to choose the fire retardant coating with high quality.