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Space frame has excellent performance which is much better than other steel structure. If the span is more than 30m, space frame is more economical, safer , and with better seismic performance. So it becomes widely welcomed by the clients nowadays all over the world.

The main advantages are as following:

The span of space frame can be very big without columns in the middle to support the whole structure, so space frame structure is suitable for buildings covering large area.

Cost of space frame

Generally speaking

If span≥30m, the cost of space frame is lower than the other structures.

If span <30m & ≥20m, the cost of space frame is almost same to other steel structures.

If span <20m, the cost of space frame is higher than other structures.

Space frame structure has light self-weight.

Space frame structure is safer than other traditional structures.

Space frame has excellent seismic performance.

Space frame is easy to install.

Space frame looks more beautiful.

Space frame structure is easy transport, as the sizes of components are small.

Space frame can be used to all kinds of building

Space frame can be produced industrially.

Many kinds of roof material can be used to space frame.