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DBV Valves serve a variety of purposes in the industrial, engineering, manufacturing and scientific communities. Selecting the right valve can determine the success or failure of the system or process.

The main purpose of DBV valve is to control media flow through a system. The valve may be used to start, stop, or throttle the flow to ensure safe and efficient operation of the process. To learn more about the mechanisms that valves use to control flow, please read more in the website: www.dbv-armaturen.com.

To control cooling circuits. To open and close inlets and outlets.
In power plants a wide range of valves is used. DBV valves can also be found in a power plant’s frequently extensive peripheral systems: In the cooling-water inlet and outlet structures DBV valves installed because ruggedness and a high degree of tightness are asked for here. Butterfly valves protect the water supply of the pumping stations and the downstream pipelines. In combination with a brake-and-lift unit they are indispensable for the protection of the valuable main cooling water pump. Whether as customised types for district heating pipelines or in man-sized dimensions with accident prevention safety interlock – butterfly valves can be found everywhere in the system thanks to their versatility. Plunger valves allow the precise control of the flow rate and the pressure of the water discharged. Hydrants, whether of the conventional or the underground types, ensure immediate access to water for fire fighting by the fire brigade and security staff. Air valves ensure speedy pressure compensation of the feed- and exhaust air in fire-water systems.

As a pioneer in valve technology, DBV makes an essential contribution to the evolution of rugged and safe valves. Because in the cooling system of large-scale steam power plants reliability and safety have absolute priority.

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