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How to Judge the Valve Inner Leakage or Not

1.Calculation of Energy Consumption

Every day, energy consumption calculation of the devices is necessary, compared with yesterday, the raw materials are the same, if the yield decreased, it could be preliminary judged that there might be inner leakage in the valve without the effect of process and instrument, which leads to high energy consumption.

2.Thermometer Test

After the valve leakage, the adjacent follow-up lines will be significantly increased or decreased through the thermometer test.


We checked whether the valve was leaking through the first step and the second step , but it was not fully confirmed, at this time, the "stethoscope" was very important. The screwdriver could be used as the "stethoscope" . One end of the screwdriver should be placed vertical to the pipeline, and then close the other side to your ears, listen carefully whether there is a abnormal sound in the pipeline, if yes, it could be judged that the valve is leakage.






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