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Jacket Ball Valve Application

DBV jacket insulation ball valve has good heat preservation and cold characteristics, and the valve diameter and pipe diameter to, the medium is linear flow, small resistance, suitable for easy solidification, high viscosity liquid medium. At the same time, it can effectively reduce the heat loss of pipeline medium. Integral jacket design, more evenly heat preservation, cold protection. Jacket and outside body are welded to jacket nozzles, allowing pressure of steam or cold water to be 1MPa.

It is mainly applied to transport the full-bodied mediums which solidify under normal temperature in such fields as petroleum industry.chemical industry, metallurgical Industry, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, etc.For the monolithic: construction is applied in design the product, the jacket valve with favorable scaling performance features smaller cot figuration and weight than traditional ball valves without leakage.

1. The jecket is welded with carbon steel pipe, it will be more strong and durable.

2. It can keep heat and cold evenly

3. The connection of jacket has two types: flange or thread. And the size and connection could be customize.





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