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40ft container ship to France

Today we will share with you some good news,these times we have delivered total 268 pcs valves packed in a 40ft container. They are including metal to metal renewable seat triple eccentric butterfly valve, turnnion mounted ball valve and floating ball valve to France on time.

More details as below: Trunnion mounted ball valve/Floating ball valve, end design flange RTJ/RF.

Body material:A105/A216WCB

Ball material: A105+NI55, A105+ENP,SS316

Seat material: A105+Ni60,RPTFE,NYLON

Size:--1”/4”/6”/8”/12” Pressure:--150LB,600LB,900LB,1500LB

Triple eccentric mental butterfly valve, end design flange RF

Body material:WCB Trim: SS316 renewable metal to metal seat

Size:--10”/28” Pressure:--PN16

Total quantity:268pcs

metal to metal renewable seat butterfly valve

Our DBV are very professional in trunnion mounted ball valve, floating ball valve, metal to metal seat ball valve, triple eccentric butterfly valve, fully metal to metal renewable butterfly valve and so on. If you have any project regarding these, do not hesitate to contact us: www.dbvvalve.com





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