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Valves which can used in medium temperature of -29℃ to -196℃ are called cryogenic valve.

DBV's cryogenic valves has included in cryogenic ball valve, cryogenic gate valve, cryogenic globe valve, cryogenic check valve etc. cryogenic valves are widely used in ethylene, liquefied natural gas, natural gas LPG LNG, Air Separation Plant, Petroleum and chemical tail gas separation equipment, liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, liquid argon, CO2 room and oxygen generator etc. Cryogenic liquid medium such as liquid oxygen, liquid hydrogen, liquefied naturalgas, liquefied petroleum gas of which not only firing easily, but also will be gas.

Cryogenic butterfly Valve

It is very important to choose material of cryogenic valves. It will be dangerous if the material is unsuitable. The key of manufacturing cryogenic valves is to choose suitable valve's materials according to lowest working temperature. The cryogenic materials need to be impact tested by standard requests in order to ensure the suitable of cryogenic materials.

Packing, gasket, bolt and nut also need to adopt to cryogenic materials. The lowest working temperature of body form as follows:

Design, manufacture and test of cryogenic valves in accord with standard of cryogenic valves (BS6364,GB/T 24925), also need to in accord with the requirement of the corresponding valve product standard.

According to the standard requirements, the valves with the temperature below -50are adopted to long neck design. If the clients have any special requests, we can also according to the contract. And if the temperature is higher than -50℃, it can also adopt to long neck design.





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