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Double Flanged Concentric Butterfly Valve Structural Features

The DBV electric Buna-N Lined Concentric Double Flanged Butterfly Valve is composed of electric actuator, rubber seal, stainless steel valve plate and valve stem. The electric soft-sealed butterfly valve has a large effective flow area at the opening and closing, and it can be opened and closed quickly and effortlessly. The disc can be turned 90 degrees to complete the opening and closing. Since the force of the disc media on both sides of the rotating shaft is nearly equal, and the torque generated by the direction is opposite, the opening and closing force is small. Low pressure can achieve good sealing.

This valve are widely used in piping of chemical, food, medicine, paper making, water and electricity, shipbuilding, water supply and drainage, metallurgy and energy systems, and is available for regulating and closure devices in a variety of corrosive, non - corrosive gas, liquid, semi-liquid and solid powder pipelines and containers.





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