Welded triple eccentric butterfly valve was shipped to Netherlands

Hi friends, so happy to share with you that the welded triple eccentric butterfly valve was finished by our Shanghai factory yesterday.More details as below:

Name: Welded triple eccentric butterfly valve.

Material: Body:A105  Trim:SS304  Seat:304+STL

Nominal Pressure:PN25  Nominal Diameter:DN500, DN400

End Connection: BW  Operation: gear box(G.O)

Advantage: renewable seat  Total Pieces:58pcs

The biggest advantage is the replaceable seat, if there is leakage with seal ring, you do not need to change the valve, just change the seat is ok.


Our DBV are specializing in triple eccentric butterfly valve with renewable seat, and also are very professional in metal to matal seat butterfly valve, if you are interested in our butterfly valves, do not hesitate to contact us: www.dbvvalve.com