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Metal Seated Butterfly Valve in Large Size 

Glad to share with you our recently finished goods.They are metal seated butterfly valves  in large size.More details are as below:

Type:Triple Offset Metal Seated Butterfly Valves 

Size:DN1000      Pressure:PN25

Body:A105         DISC:CF8 

Seat:304            Seal:F304+STL   

Stem:17-4PH      Type:Butt Weld

Our tri-eccentric butterfly valves are all of high performance.The sealing performance could reach Class A(zero leakage).The advantages of triple eccentric butterfly valves are below:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

1.The sealing performance and reliability of the system are improved.

2.The friction is low,and the valve opening and closing flexibly.

3.The valve service life is longer and it could switch repeatedly.

4.The resistant of pressure and high temperature is improved,and the range of application is wide.

For more information,just come and contact us! http://www.dbv-armaturen.com/

tri-eccentric butterfly valves

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