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What is the benefits of Triple Offset Butterfly Valves?

DBV VALVE triple offset butterfly valves unique design of triple eccentricity makes the metal hard seal more labor-saving. When the valve is opened and closed, there is no friction between the butterfly plate and the valve body during the rotation process. When the valve is closed, the torque of the transmission mechanism can be increased to provide a compensation Sealing greatly improves the sealing performance of the triple eccentric butterfly valve and prolongs the service life of the butterfly valve.

Zero offset is that the valve shaft is located behind the valve plate shaft, so that the seal can completely and closely contact the entire valve seat.

Double offset is that the centerline of the valve shaft deviates from the centerline of the pipeline and the valve to avoid interference from the opening and closing of the valve.

Triple offset is that the valve seat cone axis deviates from the centerline of the valve shaft, which can eliminate friction during closing and opening, and achieve a uniform compression and sealing effect around the entire valve seat.





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