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DN1800 Triple Offset Metal Seat Butterfly Valve

DBV graphite laminated metal double inclined plane triple offset butterfly valve adopts the dynamic balance design principle of double inclined plane and small radial eccentricity. It eliminates the dynamic water hammer, and has the advantages of no friction on the sealing surface, reliable bidirectional sealing performance, long service life, and low opening and closing torque. After the valve body sealing surface is assembled with the butterfly plate sealing ring, its strength and sealing test meet the design requirements, especially for large-diameter triple offset butterfly valves.

Double bevel angle eccentricity, its biggest advantage is that the disc can ensure uniform distribution of positive sealing pressure at each point in the circumferential direction, reliable bidirectional sealing performance, convenient processing, small workpiece processing swing range and small hydrodynamic torque, fast opening and closing speed, etc. Features. It has excellent sealing performance at low and high temperature. It is the only high-performance butterfly valve that can achieve no friction, zero leakage, low torque, temperature between -196~600℃, and nominal pressure ≤4.0MPa. . The product performance is at the leading level at home and abroad. Widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, high temperature gas, combustible gas, metallurgy, electric power, steel, city heating. It is a device for quickly cutting off or adjusting the flow of media in various industrial fields such as water supply and sewage treatment.





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