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Tri-eccentric metal to metal seat butterfly valve

We have finished a big size of metal seated butterfly valve. More details are as followings:

Size:30" Pressure:150#

Body:WCB Disc:CF8M

Seat:316+STL Stem:17-4PH

DBV has been specializing in the production of triple eccentric,bi-direction metal to metal seated butterfly valves and special industrial pipeline system metal to metal seat ball valve for almost 20 years.

So what are the features can distinguish us from other companies?

Firstly,the pressure of bidirectional flow could be afforded to achieve no flow restrictions on the installation.

And the design of renewable seat and seal ring could avoid the valve damage caused by the wear of seal ring and reduce the cost of user.

What\'s more?The design of fully metal to metal sealing,the sealing surface adopts SS304 overlay STL,wear-resistant and sour resistant,which is suitable for high temperature and high pressure working conditions.

DBV is professional in the production of industrial valves ,if any projects regard us,pls don\'t hesitate to contact us!

metal seated butterfly valve





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