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Triple eccentric butterfly valve for heating system

DBV Valve Team participated in Expo China International Trade Fair for Sanitation, Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (ISH China & CIHE 2021) in Beijing.

And our triple offset butterfly valve had won people\'s attention in the exhibition.

Butterfly valve is the most widely used valve in heating system.

Working principle: the disc, through the stem rotation, the disc in the valve seat range for 90 ℃ rotation, realize the valve opening and closing. It acts as a shut-off in the pipeline. It can also adjust the flow.

Advantages: simple structure, light volume, convenient operation and good sealing.

In heating engineering,one of the most commonly used butterfly valve is triple eccentric metal seal butterfly valve.

As one of our best selling goods,DBV has rich experiences in the production of triple eccentric butterfly valve,if any projects regarding us,pls dont hesitate to contact us!





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