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1. The pressure of bi-directional flow could be afforded to achieve no flow restrictions on the installation.

2. The design of renewable seat and seal ring could avoid the valve damage caused by the wear of seal ring and reduce the cost of use.

3. The design of metal to metal sealing,the sealing surface adopts the technology of overlay stellite alloy,which effectively solves the problem of poor butterfly valve sealing performance under the harsh conditions of high pressure,high temperature and low temperature.

4. DBV fully metal to metal sealing structure is different from multi layer sealing butterfly valve.Common multi layer metal sealing structure consists of the metal pieces and graphite laminated installation, and multi layer sealing surface is susceptible to fluid erosion leading to short service life.However,DBV butterfly valve adopts all metal forged seal ring,and overlays stellite alloy on the sealing surface.Its advantages are anti-wear,anti-erosion and long service life,etc. DBV butterfly valve is suitable for many severe working conditions such as high pressure and high temperature.

5. The new design of triple eccentric makes the valve zero friction, more stable performance and longer service life.The compact design ensures that the butterfly valve flexible opening and closing from low temperature to high temperature,and excellent sealing performance in full compliance with the sealing standard of zero leakage of valve in severe working conditions.





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