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Manual WCB Flange Triple Offset Butterfly Valves
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Manual WCB Flange Triple Offset Butterfly Valves

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    Manual WCB Flange Triple Offset Butterfly Valves producted by DBV with high quality

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Manual WCB Flange triple offset butterfly valve 


Valve manufacturer description


triple offset butterfly valve


Design Standard:

API 609

Body material:


Nominal Pressure:


Nominal Diameter:


End Connection:



Triple Eccentricity



Valve type:

Industrial Valve

Working Temp.:



NACE 0175

Test / Inspection:

API 598/ISO 5208

Face To Face:

API 609

 PSWe also can do according to customer's requirements.


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Up Blow-out Proof Design


Disc fixed on the stem with two pins without Chink to prevent the disc shaken.

DBV butterfly valve adopts such design of stepped shaft with the gland. 

It is effectively that prevent the stem blows out from the top. 







Raised Face (RF)


The Rasied Face is the most common type used in process plant applications.

Different types of flange faces are used as the contact surfaces to seat thesealing 

gasket material Including:FF-flat face, RF-raised face, RJ-ring joint and so on.







Gear box


Good quality Gear box were assemblied to our DBV valves, without special

requirements about the actuator, Above 6" will be adopted with Gear box






Fire safe flange butterfly valve


supplier of flange butterfly valve


The concept of DBV triple eccentric butterfly valves:

The first eccentricity: the deviation between stem rotation center and the seat centerline ensures a tight seal between the seat and disc.

The second eccentricity: the deviation between stem rotation center and the seat centerline, when the valve opens, can make the butterfly plate leave sealing surface quickly.

The third eccentricity: the deviation between the center of the seal ring’s vertebral body and the seat centerline completely eliminates the friction between disc and seat.





Low Switching Torque:

DBV butterfly valve series adopt the sealing design of triple eccentric, flexible multi-layer metal and graphite superimposed to ensure good sealing performance and reduce operating torque.

Zero Leakage:

Multi-layer seal self-positioning design, satisfies the demands of API598 zero leakage.


Blow out proof stem:

DBV butterfly valve adopts double blow out proof stem design, according with the requirement of API609 and ANSI B31.1.

Upper: stem bottom slot, embedded split ring, preventing stem blow out.

Bottom: The stem is designed with a step shaft which is matched with the bushing to prevent the valve stem blowing out.

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Worm Gear CF8 Flange Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve

picture (1)

Fire safe design:

    Metal and piled up multilayer graphite seal design, the inherent fire prevention function, satisfying API607 fire prevention requirements.


Low leakage stem seal:

1.       Stem is guided and positioned by the stem bearing during the whole course to avoide the case that the stem offset, caused by lateral pressure shock, resulted in the leakage of stem packing.

2.       Packing adopts the processing method of pre-compression, of which upper and lower ends use braided graphite rope and the middle uses forming graphite ring, to enhance the anti-leakage performance,

3.       The roughness control of stem and packing surface: Stem:Ra0.4~Ra0.8, Packing: Ra1.6.

4.       The choice of dynamic load gland flange keeps packing compressed constantly and continuously to reduce the leakage of stem packing seal,

5.       According to users’ requirements, the valve stem seal can be designed in accordance with Shell MESC77/312 and TA Luft20PPM is in accordance with the nitrogen suction method.



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