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The Development Situation and Market Prospect of the Valve Industry in China

According to the data supported by Chinese valve industry association in 2017, the industrial added value of 13 Chinese valve industries grew rapidly in double digits, and engineering valves and heavy mine valves are growing fastest. The chemical industry and the electrical industry with an large proportion have an industry-wide contribution rate nearly 59% for the growth of the whole industry. With the data showing, Chinese valve industrial economic comprehensive index was 169.55%, over the same period last year about 2 percentage points in the first half year of 2017, and the main business income profit margin is 5.33 with the increase of 0.49 percentage points.

The vice president of China Valve Industry Association said, the reasons of high increasing are the policy of revitalizing the equipment manufacturing industry, strong market demand, and the industry investment capacity enhancement, etc.

Chinese machinery industry valve trade growth has improved, and the proportion of higher value-added general trade exports increased.


Five major situations of the development of Chinese valve manufacturing industry will face:

1. The valve industry will continue the structural adjustment.

2. Capital operations of the industry will become more active.

3. Enterprise polarization will further intensify

4. Channel competition between the fierce will increase.

5. The market competition changes to the quality and technology competition.

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