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some knowledge about Industry valves

1. Starting and Stopping flow:

Gate, Ball and Butterfly Valves are the most common form of shut-off valves, with ball and even butterfly valves rapidly becoming the primary choice due to the ease of automation and fast shut-off abilities, and in the case of ball valves the barest minimum of flow restrictions. Our DBV are often supplying butterfly valve and ball valve with high quality and reasonable price.

2. Regulating Flow:

Regulating or throttling flow is most commonly done with the use of a globe valve, and to a much lesser extent an angle valve. The seat design forces the flow evenly around a disc or plug arrangement that enables a closer regulation of flow. Globe valves are often used for the control of steam.

3. Preventing Back Flow:

This is the function of check valve, it prevents flow reversal in piping, a primary cause of water hammer. Check valves most commonly are swing checks, normally used with gates and ball valves, and lift check or spring checks, which are normally used with Globe and Control type valves

DN700-PN16 triple eccentric butterfly valve

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