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Hastelloy-C276 double offset butterfly valve
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Hastelloy-C276 double offset butterfly valve

  • Product description:

    Hastelloy C-276 also named Ni-Cr-Mo alloy steel,with high temperature and corrosion resistance.The main resistance to wet chlorine,various oxidizing chlorides,chlorinated salt solutions,sulfuric acid and oxidizing salts have good corrosion resistance

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      Hastelloy-C276 double offset butterfly valve

Valve manufacturer description




Hastelloy-c276 double offset butterfly valve


Hastelloy C-276 

Nominal Pressure:


Nominal Diameter:


End Connection:


Design Standard:



Bare shaft

Valve type:

Double offset butterfly valve

Working Temp.:


Test / Inspection:



NACE MR 0175


PSWe also can do according to customer's requirements.


details-dbv valve manufacturer







Every valve in DBV with clear marking on the valve body












The ASME B16.5 code requires that the flange face(Raised face and flat face)has s specific roughness to ensure that this surface be compatible with gasket and provide a high quality seal.









Top mounting


The top flange design comply with ISO 5211,The yoke is convenient for assembling worm gear,

pneumatic,electric, hydraulic and pneumatic & hydraulic actuators.












Main characteristic


1.Unique seat design,replaceable seat.                         

2.Bi-directional,Zero Leakage









Why-dbv valve manufacturer


  Triple Eccentricity Design Features  


The stem is offset on both the X (1)and Y (2) axis of the valve'scenter line. This produces a cam一like motion.

 The third offset (3)consists of an inclined conical  profile machined into  the  valvesealing  surface. This allows

 rotary engagement and disengagement  of   the   seat   and   seal   ring without interference.  All  rubbing

between  seat  and seal ring is thereby eliminated. Once the seatand seal ring are  fully  engaged  torque 

 is applied in order to create a bi一directional, zero leakage,  metal-to一metal seal. Forthis reason, triple

 offset valves are often defined as "torque" seatedrather than”position” seated as in the case of resilient

 or highperformance products.




  Multi-layer disc sealing ring  




Multi-layer disc sealing ring adopts ss304 and graphite laminated, sealing

by the inside graphite, applied for low and middle pressure, as recycle water,

swage treatment, city building, etc.






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