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C95800 Flange Type Butterfly Valve

As we all know that the aluminum bronze is widely used because of its good comprehensive mechanical properties and corrosion resistance. In practical use, in order to meet different requirements, a certain amount of manganese, iron, nickel, zinc and other elements are often added to aluminum bronze to improve the properties of the alloy. Nickel aluminum bronze is a kind of aluminum bronze with nickel, iron and manganese as the main alloy elements. Because of its excellent corrosion resistance, aluminum bronze is an important material for marine propellers, pumps, valves and underwater fasteners.regulations.performance.

Recently we have a batch of butterfly valve in C95800.The nickel-aluminum bronze butterfly valve is composed of main components such as valve body, butterfly plate, sealing ring and transmission mechanism. Its structure adopts the design of three-dimensional eccentric principle, and the new processing technology of elastic sealing and hard and soft multi-layer sealing is compatible, so that the butterfly valve can reduce its torque and save energy when it is running. So as to ensure the reliability of the butterfly valve\'s overall corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and wear resistance.

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Flange butterfly valve





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