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What’s the function of Pneumatic Actuator?

Pneumatic actuator is an actuator that uses the pressure of compressed air source to drive the opening and closing or regulating valve, which is mainly composed of cylinder, piston, gear shaft, end cover, seal, screw, etc.; the complete set of pneumatic device should also include opening indication, travel limit, solenoid valve, positioner, pneumatic components, manual mechanism, signal feedback and other components. The opening, closing, opening and closing of valves are controlled by compressed air.

Pneumatic actuators can be divided into single acting and double acting according to their action forms. Double acting actuators are characterized by air opening and air closing, i.e. ventilation is opened and ventilation is closed. When the air source is lost, there is no action and stays in the original position. The single acting actuator has the function of spring return, which is normally closed type and normally open type, that is, when the air supply is lost, it will automatically reset to the display state.

Actuators are widely used in dangerous working conditions, and the valve can be quickly closed or opened in case of loss of air source or sudden failure.

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