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What is the features of Y-pattern three-way ball valve?

Y-pattern three-way ball valve has flat flow channel, small fluid resistance and strong flow capacity. When switching, the medium has no retention and will not cause secondary pollution. It can be equipped with electric actuator and pneumatic actuator to realize automatic control.regulations.performance.

The features of Y-pattern three-way ball valve are as follows:

1. The Y-pattern three-way ball valve has two working conditions: 120 ° to each other and 135 ° to two-way holes. It can switch the flow direction of medium according to the needs.

2. It is suitable for all kinds of harsh working conditions. The soft sealing is suitable for the working condition below 200 ℃. The hard sealing carbon steel is not more than 425 ℃, and the stainless steel non hard sealing is not more than 350 ℃.

3. Many advanced technologies such as soft sealing, spray welding nickel base alloy (hardness greater than HRC60), supersonic tungsten cobalt alloy coating (hardness greater than HRC70) and special hardening materials are adopted.

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