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Birthday of China and National Day

DBV international sales department members stay together celebrating take part in National Day,celebrating the country, we wish you in the warm family life happiness, peace, sweet!

As China manufacturer famous valve product---DBV,because the focus, so professional, because the professional, so excellent, because of excellence, so trust,we have professional vavle engineer to assuring the technical drawing is correct, also we can design technical drawing according customer\'s requirements not only butterfly valve, ball valve but also gate ,globe, check valve, Y strainer:

1.Forged steel fixed ball valve

Main features: the forged steel fixed ball valve can be designed with component type and three pieces, with two floating seats that can be moved under medium pressure. A specific spring is equipped at the bottom of the seat to ensure that the two seats can be close to the ball. Under the action of medium pressure, it can be pushed.

2.Forged steel floating ball valve main features:

Working principle of forged steel floating ball valve: a floating ball valve is supported by two valve seats. Under the pressure of medium, the ball itself will produce a certain displacement, so that it will be pressed to the outlet of valve seat sealing ring to produce sealing effect.

According to the structure, the floating ball valve can be divided into integrated ball valve structure and split ball valve structure.

Our group have strong determination, confidence,perserverece challenging any difficulties we face.So we believe we can creat more sales performance in future.





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