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Bottom discharge valve of polymerization kettle

The bottom discharge valve of polymerizer is composed of pneumatic piston actuator and anti accumulation bottom discharge valve. DN15 - 150 is a floating ball type and DN200 - 300 is a fixed ball type structure.

The bottom discharge valve adopts patented anti accumulation technology and structural design, which can effectively prevent adhesive media from accumulating and bonding in the valve cavity. At the same time, the product has the advantages of compact structure, small volume, light weight, convenient assembly, disassembly and maintenance, smooth flow channel, small flow resistance and good sealing performance. The valve seat adopts piston structure, which has the function of wear compensation and reducing opening and closing torque, so it has reliable sealing and long service life.

DBV valve widely used in reaction kettle devices in petroleum, chemical industry, papermaking, medicine, food and other industries.

1、 Installation

① In general, the following aspects shall be considered when installing the bottom discharge valve:

a. Safety: safety of personnel and equipment during installation

b. Control performance: the pressure loss of the piping system shall be consistent with the pressure loss considered in calculating the size of the outlet valve at the bottom of the boiler, so as to ensure the required flow characteristics. Sufficient straight pipe sections shall be ensured at the inlet and outlet as far as possible.

c. Installation position: there shall be enough space for manual operation (including bypass operation) by operators and the possibility of local disassembly and maintenance of discharge valve and accessories at the bottom of the boiler.

② The installer should first realize that the pneumatic valve is a kind of precision instrument equipment, and it is not allowed to collide or fall to avoid damage. Pay attention to the following points:

a. The discharge valve at the bottom of the boiler usually needs to be installed vertically on the side, and the support shall be added when the weight of the pneumatic device is large and there is vibration.

b. The valve body shall avoid being subjected to excessive stress due to the seriously different shafts of front and rear piping or equipment flanges.

c. Before the initial start-up and after shutdown maintenance, the piping system and reactor shall be flushed first, and then the bottom discharge valve shall be installed.

d. Be sure to install the bottom discharge valve according to the arrow in the flow direction on the valve body.





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