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Characteristics and application of dome valve

The valve launched by our DBV company today is a unique dome valve. Compared with ball valve and butterfly valve, we may not be familiar with this type of valve.Now let‘s see how it works in industry manufacture.

When processing abrasive materials, the expandable pressure sealing ring embedded in the dome valve seat ensures the working pressure difference before and after the valve. The elastic expandable sealing ring can sink material particles, avoiding the sliding of material particles due to differential pressure and the wear of valve seat and sealing ring.

*Dome Valve; Only one overhaul is required for 1000000 times of rated operation, which greatly reduces the maintenance cost and the loss of equipment shutdown. The pneumatic conveying system adopts dome valve to ensure the reliability and efficiency of system operation.

1.Design features:

Slag slurry, bulk powder, particles, lumps or dust filled with gas will wear the sealing ring, resulting in invalid sealing.

2.Pressure difference

The pressure difference will accelerate the wear of the traditional hard seal valve, and the expandable seal ring provides continuous wear compensation.

3.High temperature resistance

Thermal expansion will hinder the continuous action of the dome valve; The expandable sealing ring can provide wear compensation in the temperature range of 0 ℃ to 200 ℃; The dome valve with special structure can work above this temperature range.

This kind of valves are wide applicationThe traditional hard seal valve can not operate stably in the application environment with any of the above harsh conditions, but the dome valve is competent. Dome valves have been successfully used in more than 10000 projects in a wide range of industries.





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