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DBV Top entry Trunnion Ball Valve

Hi Guys, Wed like to share with you a good news that we shipped our Top Entry Trunnion Ball Valve to our customer on time and highly recognized by our customer.

Below are the specification of it:

Bolted body, full pass & bi-directional Type
Body - A216 WCB
Seat - A182 F316+Devlon
Ball - A182 F316
Leakage Class:A
Operation – gear box.

Design Feature as below:

1. Double o-ring seals in stem area design to prevents leakage
2. Blow-out proof stem
3. Fire safe design
4. One-piece body design: Same rigidity as the pipe
5. Floating spring-loaded seats design to ensure even sealing at low pressure
6. Emergency sealant injection fitting design
7. Top-entry ball and seat for easy maintenance online
8. Full bore design for pigging purpose
9. Cavity self-relief when over-pressured
10. Anti-static device design
11. Double block and bleed design (DBB)

If you have any project regarding top entry ball valve, pls feel free to contact with us.





Technical Support: Magic Lamp