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Features of Blind Valve

DBV recently has finished the goods of Blind Valve.

What is blind valve and what are the features of them?Pls see below for more details:

Bind valve is widely used in the gas medium management system of industrial and mining enterprises, municipal, environmental protection and other industries, especially for the absolute cut-off of harmful, toxic and flammable gases. It is also suitable to be used as blind plate of pipeline terminal to shorten maintenance time or facilitate connection of new pipeline system.

Compared with other valve equipment for absolute cut-off in pipeline, blind valve has the characteristics of novel structure, light weight, small volume, convenient operation, rapid action and absolute reliable gas cut-off performance.

Blind valve (spectacle valve) is a kind of manual, electric or pneumatic or hydraulic gate valve to cut off gas medium, which is generally divided into electric blind valve, hydraulic blind valve, closed gate valve and electric open blind valve.

Structure: the blind valve consists of left and right valve bodies, telescopic mechanism, sector valve plate, electric push rod I driving valve plate and electric push rod II clamping and loosening valve plate.

Characteristics and principle of blind valve: there are three driving devices in the blind valve, including two manual clamping or loosening devices, and one electric device to open or close the ram. In opening or closing the ram, first loosen the two manual devices, and then start the electric device, so as to achieve the purpose of opening or closing the RAM (special attention: the two manual devices are not loosened, After the ram is opened or closed, clamp the two manual devices, and then the pipeline can work.





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