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High Temperature Butterfly Valve

As the name implies, the most prominent feature of high temperature butterfly valve is that it is suitable for high temperature harsh working environment, and has a strong sealing performance.

What is a high temperature butterfly valve?

High temperature butterfly valve is widely used in metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, power plant, glass and other industries in high temperature gas pipeline. As a high temperature gas medium flow regulating or cutting device, high temperature butterfly valve can be used with various actuators to form different performance equipment.

The design of high temperature valve should pay great attention to material selection. Ordinary valves are not suitable for the harsh working environment of high temperature and high pressure. Too high temperature can affect the mechanical and physical properties of materials, thus affecting the normal operation of the valve, resulting in valve leakage and flow control errors. Therefore, if the ambient temperature is high, the most appropriate option is to purchase high temperature valves.

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