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One Piece Body Trunnion Ball Valve Function

The function of the ball valve is to cut off or put through the pipeline. When the ball is driven by the wrench or other actuator, it rotates and the bore of ball parallelized or perpendicular with the bore of body, the valve opens or closes.

What\'s DBV design idea:

- Ball valve is designed as standard product, no consideration of each specific service condition since it\'s too wide.

- Ball valve is designed to API 6D, valve has adequate strength according to ASME B16.34 pressure-temperature rating.

- Valve has different sealing materials in accordance with API 6D, which are corrosion/wear resistance to certain type of fluid.

- Valve is designed with anti-static and fire-safety structure. The later one was certified by TUV in accordance with API 607 and API 6FA.

- Valve contains no light metal (such as Mg) and all parts are electricity conductive and connected together to prevent ignite resource.

- Valve is designed with lever, or gear operator or electric actuator according to its size and torque, and operation requirements.





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