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Performance characteristics of axial flow check valve

Axial flow check valve was developed in 1930. Its development is inspired by the ideal design requirements: a check valve can meet different application conditions with maximum reliability and minimum maintenance and operation cost. After years of application, the axial flow check valve has proved its reliability and ability to meet a variety of working conditions, and has been used in many strict occasions.

*The inner cavity surface of the valve body, flow guiding cover, valve disc and other overflow surfaces of the axial flow check valve shall have streamline shape, with round front and sharp back.

DBV used the axial flow check valve adopts the axial flow shuttle structure in structure, and the valve disc is equipped with a buffer spring. When the medium flows downstream, the valve disc opens, and the medium flows through the axial flow channel of the valve body. When the medium pushes the valve disc open, the spring plays a buffer effect, avoiding the impact and vibration between the valve disc and the valve body when the ordinary check valve is opened.

Structural characteristics of axial flow check valve:

1. A damping spring is designed to avoid vibration and noise caused by the direct impact between the valve disc and the valve body when the ordinary check valve is opened.

2. The valve seat adopts the combined sealing structure of hard sealing and soft sealing, which has the effect of silencing and shock absorption, and is convenient for users\' on-site maintenance.

3. Compact structure, beautiful appearance and small overall size.

4. Unique axial shuttle structure, small flow resistance and large flow coefficient.

The axial flow check valve closes quickly without impact. The valve disc with small mass and low inertia contacts the valve seat surface with minimal impact force after a short stroke, which can keep the sealing surface of the valve seat in good condition and avoid damage. More importantly, it can minimize the formation of pressure fluctuation and ensure the safety of the system.





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