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Special Triple Eccentric Butterfly From DBV

We must know that butterfly valves are being spreadly promoted and actively used in some advanced developed industrial countries.The reason is very simple. Various types of butterfly valves have a wide range of applications, and even the temperature coefficient of pressure resistance and temperature resistance is constantly improved.

Our company\'s three eccentric butterfly valve is exactly the type of butterfly valve that is in line with the continuous progress described above,If you want to withstand high temperature, you must use a hard seal, but the leakage is large; If zero leakage is required, a soft seal must be used, but it is not resistant to high temperature.

In view of this phenomenon, the butterfly valve is eccentric for the third time.And our company\'s special technical personnel in some details to improve, one stroke solved the metal seat 0 leakage and high pressure and high temperature problems.

Note: These 2 pictures show DBV’s triple eccentric butterfly valves.

Certainly, our company DBV every year will produce different structures and styles of valves, not only butterfly valves, but also mainstream ball valves etc....

Advanced inspection and testing equipment and the pursuit of zero defects from raw materials to finished products are the guarantee of the excellent quality of DBV products. The company has established a quality inspection and experiment center to conduct raw material carbon and sulfur analysis, spectrum analysis, hardness testing, impact testing, tensile testing, penetrant testing, magnetic particle testing, ultrasonic testing, radiographic testing, non-metal/metal mechanical performance testing, hydraulic pressure Test, air pressure test, high and low temperature performance test, etc., so as to realize the quality monitoring of the whole process of product data.

You can unconditionally believe that our company, our butterfly valves and other valves will prove to you.





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