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The design of Cryogenic Valve

Glad to share that DBV VALVE Metal to Metal Cryogenic Butterfly Valve has passed the TUV verification at -196°C. Another big improvement for us!

And today lets talk about the design of cryogenic valve

1. Valve body design: the valve body is the main pressure part of the valve, which must have a certain strength to ensure the normal operation of the valve. Under the low temperature condition, the valve body bears great low temperature pressure, expansion and contraction additional stress. In order to keep the valve sealing pair from deformation, the valve body must have a certain stiffness. At the same time, to prevent the damage caused by low temperature stress concentration, sharp corners and grooves should be avoided as far as possible.

2. Long neck valve cover design: the low temperature valve needs to adopt long neck valve cover structure in order to reduce the heat from the outside into the device; Ensure that the temperature of the stuffing box is above 0 ℃, so that the stuffing can work normally; To prevent frosting or freezing of the valve stem in the stuffing box and the parts on the top of the valve cover due to the partial supercooling of the stuffing box.





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