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V-type Floating Ball Valve From DBV

V-type ball valve is a rotary regulating valve. Its sealing performance is the same as that of ordinary ball valve. It also has switching and regulating functions. It is used together with pneumatic or electric actuator. It is widely used in industrial process automatic control system.

1. Integral structure of valve body: the valve body of wafer type and flange type V-type ball valve is an integral side mounted structure with strong structural rigidity, which is not easy to cause deformation and leakage,upper and lower self-lubricating bearings: the valve body is equipped with upper and lower self-lubricating bearings, which have large contact area with the valve stem, strong bearing capacity and small friction coefficient, so as to reduce the torque of the valve.

2. The valve seat of V-type ball valve can choose metal hard seal or PTFE soft seal according to the needs of medium and working conditions: the sealing surface of metal hard seal valve seat is overlaid with cemented carbide, and the spherical surface is hardened by chromium plating or spray welding and ion nitriding, so as to enhance the service life of the sealing surface and improve the temperature resistance; Soft sealing PTFE valve seat or reinforced PTFE valve seat has good sealing performance, corrosion resistance and wide application range.

3. Economy and practicability: the valve body has light weight and small valve rod torque. The corresponding specifications of electric actuator or pneumatic actuator are small, which reduces the use cost. Compared with other types of regulating valves, it has high cost performance.





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