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What are the three types of three way ball valves?

According to the shape of the ball channel, the shape and structure of the three-way ball valve can be divided into L-shape, T-shape and Y-shape.

L-shaped three-way ball valve, ball channel shape is L-shaped, arranged at right angles. There are three channels a, B and C on the valve body, which are arranged vertically in T-shape. So the ball turns 90 degrees ° The angle can switch the fluid at the inlet end a from the outlet end B to the outlet end C, and vice versa. It should be noted that the floating ball valve is sealed at the outlet end, so the floating ball L-shaped three-way directional valve only has the function of flow direction switching. It is impossible to cut off the fluid at both ends of the inlet and outlet at the same time.

If we want to make it have the function of reversing and cutting off the two outlet channels at the same time, the structure is more complex. We need to make it into the structure of fixed ball and floating seat.

The ball of the T-shaped three-way directional valve is in the same shape as the channel of the valve body, and is arranged in a T-shaped vertical direction. The function of outlet channel switching or fluid distribution can be implemented. Similarly, if the inlet end is to be cut off, the ball valve shall be designed as a fixed ball floating seat.

If the tee is 120 ° According to the Y-shape distribution, that is, the ball channel and the valve body channel are made into Y-shape layout, which becomes the Y-shaped three-way directional valve. The sphere has to turn 120 ° Angle to implement the fluid commutation. The purpose is to improve the flow characteristics, reduce the flow resistance and improve the flow capacity.

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