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A batch of triple offset butterfly valve in 5A

Recently we have finished a batch of triple offset butterfly valve which are of 5A material.
As we know,ASTM A995 5A as the third generation duplex stainless steel,its remarkable characteristics are ultra-low carbon, high chromium, high nickel, high molybdenum, high nitrogen, PREN ≥ 40, which has better corrosion resistance and strength It is widely used in ship, seawater desalination, petrochemical, paper making and other harsh corrosion resistant fields.
Meanwhile,what is the applicable situation and working condition of butterfly valve?
The structure length and overall height of butterfly valve are small, and the opening and closing speed are fast. When the butterfly valve is fully opened, it has small fluid resistance. When it is opened to about 15° to 70° it can conduct sensitive flow control. The structure principle of butterfly valve is most suitable for making large diameter valve.
Butterfly valves are recommended under the following conditions:
1. It is required to throttle and adjust the control flow;
2. Mud medium and medium containing solid particles;
3. Where the valve structure length is required to be short;
4. Occasions requiring fast opening and closing speed;
5. When the pressure difference is small.

flange type triple offset butterfly valve





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