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Two pieces trunnion mouted ball valve with drain

The DBV two-stage fixed ball valve is a mechanical device that can realize multi-stage opening/closing actions. It fully meets the on-site control requirements and ensures accuracy while avoiding overflow. It is widely used in flow control and filling in petroleum, chemical, light industry, national defense, food, medicine and other industries.

Provides a three-position operation mode of 0°, 45°, 90° or 0°, 90°, 180°. It consists of a two-stage hand wheel and a ball valve or butterfly valve, by changing the piston stroke of the additional cylinder, the actuator and the valve The rotation angle is stopped at a preset angle (45°-90°), so the valve flow can be adjusted. Due to the rapid exhaust and throttling function adopted in the actuator, the two-stage ball valve has very good switching characteristics. The speed of opening and closing the valve is slowed down, so that the fluid in the pipeline changes smoothly, and the flammable fluid will not explode due to the impact of water hammer, and it will not damage the flowmeter and other instruments in the system due to the impact, so it is suitable for petroleum , Chemical, light industry, national defense and other industries flow control system, especially suitable for oil storage and transportation systems.

Use restrictions

1. Temperature and pressure limitation

(1) The nameplate shows the maximum allowable operating pressure of the ball valve at the maximum and minimum operating temperatures;

(2) Use cast steel or all stainless steel valve seats and seals, and the operating temperature should be between -29°C and 180°C. Operating temperature of other types of valve seats and seals;

2. Throttle operation is prohibited

Please do not keep the ball valve in a half-open state (flow control). The pressure difference of the pipeline and the impact of the fluid may cause the ball valve or valve seat to be damaged.

(3) During the transportation and installation process, be sure to handle with care to avoid damage, deformation, and loosening of the air connection pipeline and various joints.

According to customer needs, we installed a sewage valve on the basis of the original valve:

1. The valve body and the bonnet are connected by a clamp, which is compact in structure, easy to disassemble and easy to install. The branch pipes are connected by welding.

2. Adopting pressure self-tightening sealing structure, the sealing ring is made of formed asbestos packing, the higher the medium pressure, the better the sealing performance.





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