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What is DBB Ball Valve?

DBB ball valve is double-block and bleed valve. The valve is suitable for aviation kerosene, light oil, natural gas, liquefied gas, pipeline gas, chemical medium and other pipelines as an ideal device for cutting off medium.

The key to the working principle of the valve is the action of two sealing sliding blades installed on the cock.

The valve has an automatic relief device (optional) to prevent abnormal pressure rise in the valve chamber after the valve is fully closed and to check the effect of the valve. The valve switch indicator is synchronized with the switch position, which can accurately display the opening and closing status of the valve.regulations.performance.

What are the features of DBB ball valve?

1. In the process of valve opening and closing, there is no contact between the sealing surface of valve body and sliding vane, so the sealing surface has no friction and wear, the service life of valve is long and the switching torque is small.

2. During the maintenance of the valve, it is not necessary to remove the valve from the pipeline, but to remove the valve bottom cover and replace a pair of sliding plates, which is very convenient for maintenance.

3. The valve body and cock are reduced in diameter, which can reduce the cost.

4. The inner cavity of the valve body is plated with hard chromium, and the sealing area is hard and smooth.






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