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What is spring return ball valve?

The spring return ball valve has the characteristics of long service life, not easy to be stretched, the handle will not feel hard due to the spring tension, and the speed of reaction and return is fast. It can prevent the spring return ball valve from forgetting to close after opening. The principle of the spring automatic return valve is that the spring is installed inside the handle. When the valve is closed, the spring is in a loose and flat state. When the handle is turned, the spring will be elongated. When the handle is released, the spring will return automatically by the tension of the spring.Spring return ball valve is widely used in food, pharmaceutical, oil, chemical, industrial, metallurgy, production, machinery, processing, assembly line and other occasions

What’s the working principle of spring return ball valve?

The main function of the automatic return valve is to open it manually, and it will close automatically after leaving. That is to say, release the handle of the ball valve and automatically rebound and reset under the action of spring. Also known as manual normally closed ball valve. To prevent the leakage or overflow of liquid caused by forgetting to close the ball valve.

Features of spring automatic return ball valve:

1. It is easy to operate, small in size, simple in structure and light in weight.

2. The flow resistance of full bore is small, and its resistance coefficient is equal to that of the same length of pipe.

3. Spring automatic rebound reset, belongs to the safety valve.

4. The maintenance is convenient, the sealing ring is generally movable, and it is convenient to dismantle and replace.

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