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What is Triple Offset Butterfly Valve?

As we all know, butterfly valves can be divided into four categories according to their structure: (1) Concentric Butterfly Valve (2) Single Offset Butterfly Valve (3) Double Offset Butterfly Valve (4) Triple Offset Butterfly Valve.

Today we’ll talk about the triple offset butterfly valve.This type of butterfly valves are of good sealing performance.So what is triple offset butterfly valve?

Triple offset refers to an angle-added on the basis of the double offset structure,as the butterfly valve sealing surface shows an oblique cone.This structure is characterized by the outer side of the disc to be processed into an oblique cone,and also the inner side of the sealing seat is processed into an oblique cone.

At this time,the section of the valve sealing surface the becomes oval,thus the shape of the disc sealing surface is under the vertical asymmetry.Because the sealing surface is the oblique cone,the large part of the disc separated by the stem shaft press the seat upwards along the large inclined surface,and the large part of the disc presses the seat downloads along the small inclined surface.

The seal between the disc seal ring and the seat does not rely on the elastic deformation of the seat,but completely depends on the compact of the touching surface.So there is no friction in the process of the triple offset butterfly valve basically opening and closing,and the valve closes tightly with the closing pressure increasing.It is obvious from the principle and structure of the triple offset butterfly valve.

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