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What\'s the Difference Between Globe and Gate Valves

When the globe valve is opened and closed, it is of a rising valve stem type, that is to say, when the handwheel is turned, the handwheel will rotate and lift together with the valve stem. The gate valve rotates the handwheel to make the valve stem move up and down, and the position of the handwheel itself remains unchanged. Flow rates vary, gate valves require fully open or fully closed, and globe valves do not. Globe valves have specified inlet and outlet directions; gate valves do not have requirements for inlet and outlet directions.

In addition, the gate valve only has two states of fully open or fully closed, the gate opening and closing stroke is large, and the opening and closing time is long. The movement stroke of the valve plate of the globe valve is much smaller, and the valve plate of the globe valve can stop at a certain place during the movement for flow regulation. The gate valve can only be used for truncation and has no other functions.

The globe valve is low in and high out, and it is obvious from the outside that the pipeline is not on the horizontal line of one phase. The gate valve flow channel is on a horizontal line. The stroke of the gate valve is larger than that of the globe valve.





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