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Does High Temperature Have No Effect on All Metal Seat Bi-directional Butterfly Valves in Summer?

All metal seat bi-directional butterfly valves adopt triple eccentric structure. There’s almost no wear between seat and disc, so close the valve tightly, the sealing effect better. Compared to the soft seated butterfly valve, the all metal seat bi-directional butterfly valve widely for a range of temperature and pressure. Then, the high temperature in summer, Is there any effect on the all metal seat bi-directional butterfly valve?

High temperature will lead to flange, screws, gaskets and other relaxation phenomenon, resulting in reduced pretension of bolts. This phenomenon will also appear at flange joint, resulting in flange connection load drop and leakage.

ALL Metal Seat Bi-drectional Butterfly Valve

When the temperature is below 29℃, the toughness and impact resistance of the wafer metal seat butterfly valve will be reduced. The pressure used should not be larger than the corresponding pressure of temperature under the condition to avoid the leakage.

Temperature increasing will cause the thermal expansion of some media, and increase the pressure on the valve cover. Pay attention to the use of cooling water to cool down, so that the pressure does not exceed the temperature corresponding pressure.

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