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How to Distinguish the Quality of Butterfly Valves?

The sealing material and seal leakage level of valves are good indicators to identify the quality of the valve. The valve used under special conditions can be operated for a long time, or damage in a short time, so the use of the valve should depend on comprehensive conditions.

The opening and closing part is a round-shaped disc which rotates about its own axis in the body, so as to achieve opening, closing and regulating the valve. Butterfly valve is usually less than 90°from fully open to fully close, so it is always designed with worm gear reducer. The reducer not only makes the disc have the ability of lock itself, but also improve the valve operation performance.

Soft Seated Butterfly Valve

Industrial butterfly valve is characterized by high temperature resistance, wide pressure range and large diameter. Usually, the valve body adopts made of carbon steel, and the metal seal is used instead of the rubber ring.

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