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How to maintain the valve

Mechanical equipments need the maintenance, so as the valve. If the maintenance is very proper, the valve’s service life can be extended. Only treat the valve maintenance as a scientific perspective, so that this working can achieve achieve the desired results and the purpose of the application. In order to make the normal operation of the production, reduce parking, AND increase economic efficiency, we must do the following three points:

1. The foundation is the correct selection of valves.

2. The key is using the valve correctly.

3. The guarantee is the correct maintenance of valves.

Now DBV VALVE GROUP introduce two main process of miantainence. One is storage, the other is using.

Wrong Storage

Storage Maintenance

The purpose of storage maintenance is not damaging or decrease the quality in the process of storage. In fact, improper storage is one of the main reasons of damaging.

The valve custody, should be arranged in good order. Small valves are on the shelves, large valves can be neatly arranged in the warehouse on the ground,the flange connection face couldn’t touch the earth. Not only keep for the beauty and clear, but also protect the valves from damaging.

The unnecessary damages should be avoid caused by improper storage and transportation, such as the hand wheel is broken, the stem is offset the position, the fixed nuts of the wormgear and stem are unstuck and lost, etc..

Asbestos packing of the valve that doesn’t use in a short time should be taken out to avoid elect-chemical corrosion and damage the stem.

The inlet and outlet ports of valves should be covered by wax paper or plastic sheet d to prevent dirt.

⑹The valve just enter the warehouse should be checked. If the valve inside has dirt or rain, please clean it and then storage.

To protect the valve which is easily rusty in the atmosphere, its machined surface should be painted with anti-rust oil.

⑻The valve stored outdoor must be covered by linoleum or tarpaulins to prevent the rain and dust. The warehouse that storage the valves could keep clean and dry.

Correct Storage

Use Maintenance

The purpose of using maintenance is to extend the valves’ service life and protect the reliable opening and closing.

The threads of stem rub with the nuts usually, so we need paint a little yellow dry coating oil, MoS2 or graphite powder to achieve the lubrication.

⑶The valves’ hand wheel need to be turned, and the threads of the stem should usually add the lubricant regularly even the valve doesn’t use frequently. These actions aim to prevent the damage.

Keep the valve clean all the time.

Always check and maintain the integrity of valve components.

⑹Do not use the valve to support other heavy objects, and do not stand on the valve.


DBV VALVE GROUP hope that this can help you to solve the problems.





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