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Causes of Valve Seal Failure

DBV concludes that there are some main reasons about valve seal failure as following:

1. Natural failure.

As the seal is always in the medium, the seal element has failed to seal the valve after service life.

2. The big fluctuation of pressure of pump inlet may damage sealing.

When the pressure of pump inlet is too small, the pressure of pump chamber will suddenly decrease and liquid in seal cavity will reflux to the pump chamber, which causes friction to the seal. And a huge amount of heat generated in a short time burns down the seal and sealing is failure. When the pressure of pump inlet is too large, with the pressure in seal cavity rising and more than the limit that the seal can withstand, the valve seal is failing.

3 Seal failure can be caused by inadequate swill to seal.

Seal mainly blocks the media in the seal chamber by forming a liquid film on the sealing surface. And the effect of sealing rinse solution is to take away the heat at the sealing surface. When the sealing rinse solution is not sufficient or there is a huge amount of heat in seal cavity, the sealing surface will be burned and the seal will fail. The cutoff of medium in pump chamber or sudden reduction of pressure in seal chamber or sudden damage of seal ring may cause a lack of sealing swill.

4, Bearing’s damage causes seal failure.

After bearing is damaged, the position of rolling elements will change. And with the vibration of the pump increasing, the valve seal will be failing.

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