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Installation Requirements of Valve

DBV, as valve manufacturer, tells the installation requirements of valve in this paper.

Before being installed, the valve should be done pressure testing. In the test, we should check out 10% of each batch products(same specifications, same brand and same type), and no less than 1 piece. If there are substandard products, such as leaks and cracks , then check 20%. If there are still unqualified products, each valve should be tested or all are returned.

valve for industry

For the closed-circuit valves, which are installed at the main pipe as the role of cut off, they should be done shell testing and seal testing one by one. And the pressure of shell testing and seal testing both should meet the design requirements and factory regulations. After passing the tests, valves are allowed to be installed in the project. In the installation, people should ensure that the valves are at the correct positions and characterized by correct direction of imports and exports, firm and tight connection, flexible opening and reasonable orientation. After installation, it should be ensured that the valve is clean. And the position without paint should be completed.

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Hope DBV has opportunity to supply you ball valve, butterfly valve, gate valve, globe valve or check valve.





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