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Maintenance of Ball Valves

I. Before disassembling ball valves, the pressure of ball valves should be removed.

II. In the process of decomposition and reassembly of ball valves, the sealing parts need to be protected especially non-metallic parts, and other components such as O-ring are best to use special tools to maintain.

III. When the body of ball valves need to re-assemble, the bolts must be symmetrical, step by step, and even tighten.

IV. Detergent should be compatible with the ball valve rubber parts, plastic parts, metal parts and the working medium (e.g. gas) etc. When the working flow is the gas, the metal parts could be cleaned with gasoline (GB484-89). Non-metallic parts should be cleaned with pure water or alcohol.

V. Separated individual parts can be cleaned by immersion. The metal pieces that are left with non-decomposed and non-metallic parts could be cleaned with a clean silk which adopts the cleaning agent with the net dry rotor pump (to prevent the fiber from falling off on the part). When cleaning, all adheres to the wall need to be deleted, such as the grease, dirt, plastic, dust and so on. The clamping ring should be re-tighten when loosing. If it is serious corrosion and damaged, it should be replaced. The ball valve should be installed as the flow direction.

Forged Floating Ball Valve

VI. Non-metallic parts should be removed immediately after cleaning from the cleaning agent.

VII. The ball valve should be installed after the wall cleaning agent volatile (which can be cleaned with the silk), but it should not be shelved for a long time, otherwise it will rust, dust and pollution.

VIII. New parts need to be cleaned before assembling.

IX. The ball valve should be lubricated with grease. Grease should be compatible with ball valve metal material, rubber parts, plastic parts and working medium. When the working flow is the gas, the metal parts could be cleaned with special 221 grease. If the sealing surface couldn’t be closed tightly which is caused by the driving device and the stem damaged, it should be replaced.

X. It should not be allowed that metal debris, fiber, grease (except for the provisions of the use of) dust and other impurities are existed under the process of assembling.





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