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Selection Precautions of Titanium Valves

The titanium is a new and promising metal material.Titanium valve is a kind of valve which uses titanium metal material to resist the strong corrosion of various working conditions. The titanium valve plays an important role in heavy industry, and also closely concerned by the market. So what should consumer pay attention to when choosing titanium valve? Today, DBV will support you several notices.

Four important aspects should be fully considered when selecting the titanium valve, including the working temperature and composition of the corrosive medium, concentration of each ingredient and moisture content, especially the point gap and stress corrosion tendency in the corrosive medium and natural explosion. All kinds of catastrophic factors should be taken seriously. It is forbidden to use titanium valves in conditions that may be damaged.


Titanium valve selection precautions:

1.Titanium valves should not be used for the concentration of > 98% or the red smoke nitric acid which contains > 6% free NO2

2.Titanium valves should not be used in dry chlorine gas with less than 1.5% water content. Natural explosion can occur in pure oxygen (PO2> 35%).

3.When choosing the titanium valve, it is necessary to pay attention to the corrosive medium containing hydrogen. Besides the corrosion, it is also essential that concerning the damage of the titanium valve caused by hydrogen.

4.It is important to consider the point gap and stress corrosion tendency in the corrosive medium.

5.The suitable temperature range of the titanium valve should not exceed 330 ℃.





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