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The most important to choose the right valve

Most of the media in chemical production facilities are characterized by high toxicity, flammability, explosiveness, and strong corrosion. Once the valve fails, there will be serious consequences. Therefore, choosing valves scientifically and rationally can not only reduce the construction cost of the device, but also ensure the safe operation of the production.DBV believe the success of any craft cannot be separated from choosing the right valves and DBV can reasonably advise the customer to choose the type of valve according to the needs of the customer.

The main points of valve selection:

1.Defining the role of valves in equipment and devices

2.Correct choice of valve type

3.Determine the end connection of the valve

4.Valve material selection

5. .......

Ball valve selection instructions:

Ball valve is suitable for low temperature, high pressure, high viscosity media. Most ball valves can be used in media with suspended solids and can also be used in powdered and granular media, depending on the material requirements of the seal;

Full bore ball valve is not suitable for flow regulation, but it is suitable for applications that require quick opening and closing, and is convenient for accidental emergency shutdown; usually has strict sealing performance, wear, shrinkage channels, rapid opening and closing action, high pressure cut-off (large pressure difference), Ball valves are recommended for pipelines with low noise, gasification, small operating torque, and low fluid resistance.Ball valve is suitable for light structure, low pressure cut-off, corrosive medium; ball valve is the ideal valve for lowtemperature, deep-cooled medium; low-temperature medium pipeline system and device should use low temperature ball valve with valve cover;

When the floating ball valve is selected, the valve seat material should receive the load of the ball and the working medium, and the large-diameter ball valve requires a larger force in the operation, DN≥ge;
The 200mm ball valve should use the worm gear transmission; the fixed ball ball valve should be suitable for the occasions with large diameter and high pressure; in addition, the ball valve used for processing highly toxic materials and flammable medium pipelines should have fireproof and antistatic structure;

Trunnion mounted ball valve

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