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Talking about the globe valve

Hi friends let’s talk about the globe valve, as we all know the body is the main pressure containing structure of the valve and the most easily identified as it forms the mass of the valve. It contains all of the valve's internal parts that will come in contact with the substance being controlled by the valve. The bonnet is connected the body and provides the containment of the fluid, gas or slurry that is being controlled. Globe valves are typically two-port valves, although three port valves are also produced mostly in straight-flow configuration. Ports are openings in the body for fluid flowing in or out. The two ports may be oriented straight across from each other or anywhere on the body, or oriented at an angle (such as a 90°). Globe valves with ports at such an angle are called angle globe valves. Globe valves are mainly used for corrosive or high viscous fluids which solidify at room temperature.

Stainless Steel Globe Valve

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