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The Attention of Valve Quality Is Improved

Domestic valve enterprises gap with foreign counterparts in many aspects, and this unfavorable situation is difficult to change in a short term. It is worth noting that, in the face of Chinese valve manufacturing industries market lacking spirit of cooperation, foreign companies have accelerated the pace of acquisitions. As the country continues to strengthen macro-control policy, the investment of energy, metallurgy, chemical and other industries is reduced. The oversupply of low-end products has been revealed in the valve industry. The valve enterprises come into the business of vicious price competition period.

The main purpose is to become a low cost, high quality supplier of the international market. Now, this orientation has undergone a fundamental change, the primary goal has become "building the Chinese water technology products manufacturing industry, becoming the Chinese valve market leader” Data show that the number of Chinese valve enterprises is in the first place all over the world, but the majority are low level, small scale, family owned enterprises. Because of the repeated construction and the investment and introduction of the technology are not enough, most of the leading products of our country valve enterprises still stay in the normal level, and in need of key devices and high temperature and pressure valve still depend on importing. oil

Analysts believe that although the product’ technical content is relatively low to the electronic valve products, and the reasonable material choice and process of scientific applications play a key role on the safe use of the valve, and these factors will increase the production cost of enterprises. At present, the war of the valve industry price increasingly,some enterprises which suffer the pain of the price war do not consider the product material in order to reduce costs. From the immediate interests, it perhaps temporarily gained market share, but in exchange, the corporate reputation is lower. However, paying attention to product quality and technology investment, although increase the high cost of the products, the price is not popular in the market at a period time, especially the newly developed market. After the customer compared the products, they will believe that the one-time purchase cost of high quality products is high, but overall costs are far lower than the normal product at price.

In recent years, Chinese economy develops rapidly, and the degree of attention to the quality of the valve users generally is improved. If the valve business operators still focus on the price war, not the inputs of product quality, technical level and customer service. They must be out of game from "God". In fact, not only the valve industry, also many industries have entered the stage of shuffling, and this stage is an industry must be experienced. Only passing this stage, regardless of the industry or enterprises can really stand the test later.

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